Preserving Life Stories for Future Generations

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How it Works

We all have stories to share, lessons learned, and meaningful memories. Preserve them in a custom book for yourself or a loved one today.

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Your memories and stories will be compiled into a custom book that will be treasured for generations.

Because your life story is worth preserving.


Meet Founder

Laura Smetana

Laura has a background in nonprofit communications and has over 10 years of experience in interviewing, writing, and editing. She has produced interview series for the web and print magazines. In 2006, she traveled to Slovakia to collect oral histories from her extended family, which resulted in a self-published book: Reflections on Communism and Democracy in Slovakia, a compilation of twenty-four stories.


She believes everyone has a story to share and she would be honored to help you preserve your memories in a custom book.

Our Story

We all have stories to share, lessons learned, and meaningful memories. Each of us has walked a path that is unique, yet often these stories remain out of sight in everyday conversation with families and friends.


When my dad passed away after struggling for several years with dementia, I realized how lucky I was to have interviewed him about his life years earlier when I was writing a book about our family in Slovakia.


I had in his words, before he was changed by dementia, stories about his family, his upbringing in Eastern Europe, his journey to America, and memories of his life here. What a gift to return to — to remember that there was more to him than his last four years of life. It allowed me to see him as the outgoing, vibrant, caring friend and father that he was.


He didn't want to be remembered for his disease. That was not who he was. It was a small part of his life. I am so grateful for this gift of memories and life remembrances that are in his own words. And out of this, Your Life Story Book was born.


Whether for yourself or for a loved one, the opportunity to share your story is powerful. I would be honored to go on this journey with you so you can reflect, share, and preserve your life stories for future generations.

- Laura Smetana